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Short Stories by Donya Ture'

Our imagination can be spurred by the images and feelings inspired by fiction and symbolism. Parables and images can be powerful forces that like rain, nourish the hidden seeds beneath the soil, sprouting new and unexpected growth within us.



All rights reserved. No part of these short stories may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

  • The Adventures of Azi part I , part II: Is a short story for children between the ages of seven and fifteen.  It is about a group of delinquent adolescent boys who are taken into the desert by a treatment program. Here they will fend for themselves as they find out what it is to be young men, and if they are lucky, one of them may find a lost Navajo stone which is claimed to hold magical properties.  Azaiah, the outcast amongst the boys does just this.  He finds the stone. But having found it, he must prove he is worthy enough to keep it.  When Azi dreams, he travels the world over, where he finds danger and unbelievable imaginings that he must conquer.  In the end, Azi must not merely defeat his foes by staying alive, but he must, if he is to become a true Warrior, save the lives of others as well.


  • The Celestial Warriors: The Gemini part 1: Is a story of twin brothers, David and Gavin who have just reunited after years of living apart, only to experience a tragedy where the other is killed. Always having had the extraordinary gift of telepathy, they come to find that the Universe has need of their talent to assist in conquering a Celestial enemy. The Eblis is the enemy that would become God by ingesting the entire Universe and by wreaking havoc and the destruction of galaxies when its efforts are thwarted by the Celestial Warriors- those who have passed on to become the soldiers of Neshma/God/Universe. With one brother fighting in the Celestial realm, and the other brother fighting the fallen soldiers of darkness that walk the earth, the enemy, now being attacked on both fronts, may have just met its match! Part 1
  • Part 2, part 3 and part 4 can be read by clicking on the link.


  • The Celestial Warriors: The Gemini is a novella soon to be published as an E-book. It is a shorter version of its sister book a series of 3, titled: The Celestial Warriors.  


  • The Myth of Heroe part 1: This story is actually part of a short book called The Enlightened Teen,and though it is written for adolescents, it is filled with delightful ideas and bits of wisdom that act as a reminder to those of any age, things we may have forgotten, but that are true and essential.  The Myth is broken into sections and interspersed within the book. These lessons in the book are presented in brief paragraph form and are meant to assist young adults develop strong, positive self images. The content of lessons range from issues of self esteem, to money management and family values that support bringing children into the world only after they have a strong sense of self and an adequate financial stature. The Enlightened Teen has not yet been released, but the Myth of Heroe represents the lessons contained in the content but in an indirect and symbolic presentation.The Myth of Heroe part 2, The Myth of Heroe part 3.


  • Everything is Alive: This short story was written as a creative thought exercise.  It touches upon our spirituality, our oneness with God and theorizes that everything that is created, is alive with consciousness that expands until it knows itself as God once again.