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Are You the Warrior or the Marytr?

Espirits blogs are meant to inspire and embolden our readers.  We only live once as the self we know today, and Espirits knows that everyone needs inspiration every now and again.  We are ambitious with the scope of our topics, which range from self-development, spiritual pursuits, relationships, sensuality, and the entirety of the human experience.  Click on the links below and enjoy the read. 




Blog December- May 2023 content:  Letting go and accepting,


Blog January-June 2017 Contents:  The Mysterious Feminine, Life Imitates Art, Why is being Positive so Taboo? Thinkers and Cruisers


Blog-January-June 2016 Contents: The seeds within, Your Life as Art, Loving Yourself, Life, the new Cult


Blog July-December 2015  Contents:The Universe only says "Yes", When Does the Seeking Cease? Life Begins at The Edge, Looking For 'Your' People, Sensuality As Art, Maybe The Problem is You, Life is the Weight You Bench Press, The Sacred Breath, Where Sensuality and Spirituality Meet the Rubber


Blog January-June 2015 Contents: Cutting Edge Science Will Blow-You-Away, We Really Need To Play More, Where Sensuality and Spirituailty Meet the Rubber, Life Was Meant To Be Scary, Lessons of Simplicity, Mediocrity Always Scorns Genius, The Plague of Mindlessness, Light At The End of The Tunnel, In that Moment You Are God, We Are All the Same, Regaining The Art of Playfulness, The Art of Detachment, The Real Matrix, The Argument Against Aging, The New Reality, Meditate, meditate, meditate, Life: Your Debut, The World is Your Playground, Be Nothing But Change


Blog July-December 2014  Contents: Finding you, The Sacred Breath, Love is the Answer, The Inner Persecutor, Imagination: The Womb of the Creator, Unhappy and In Love, Staying Connected to the Divine, Why is Being Positive So Taboo?, The Search for God.


Blog January- June 2014 Contents: The Search for God, Thinking vs. The Complacent, Judge Not by Appearances, As it is Above, So it is Below, Practical Spirituality, Lost in the Moment, Be The Change, Why Live Big?, The Sacred Breath, Living Without Boundaries, Imagination, the Womb of Creation, Be Awed by You, A Mere Mustard Seed, THe Hoax of Perfectionism, How to Successfully Achieve your New Year Goals- this time...


Blog July-December 2013 Contents:

Contents: Living at Full Throttle, Creativity vs. Knowing, We are All the Same, In Stillness We Simply Observe Life, Imagination the Creators Womb, Being Known by The Universe,  The Inner Perspective, Impersonalizing Negativity as a Path to Love,


The Mind of the Flesh, The Mind of the Spirit, The Roots Beneath the Soil, Changing Our Perspective about LIfes Problems,Being You, Those Who Can't Bear Your Beauty, Daring to Define You, Get Back to Bliss, A Balm from Heaven 


Blog January-June 2013 Contents:

Contents: Eden of the Mind, Cultivating the Inner You, Thoughts to Meditate on for the Next 4 weeks, Sacred Breath, Your Life is Yours to Claim, Finding God Within You, Life is Not What it Appears, Relase and Acceptance, You are the Divine, Cultivating the Inner  You, Impersonalizing Negativity as a Path to Love


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