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Follow us on Facebook at  Give yourself a break from negative media and the violence on TV.  Feed your mind as consciously as you feed your body.  Create new neuropathways in your brain by feeding your consciousness hope and wisdom.  These are the seeds of freedom, new choices and new life.  


This section deals with issues that relate to the mind/body/soul and the connections between them.  These articles, written by Donya and other contributors, are meant to expand your thoughts so that you may see outside the box. It happens often that when things are viewed differently, inventors and layman alike, discover new ideas and thoughts that take them to a new level of consciousness.  Most discoveries occur by accident, by an odd thought given to us unintentionally during a conversation, or when we are idly admiring nature and what we see or hear somehow relates to our existence and changes the trajectory of our previous mindset. The Espirit team is confident that whatever it is you are looking for is within you, and it is our pleasure to assist you in getting there!


Peacefully yours, the Espirit Team.