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THE CHEVEYAN PROPHECY-  THE ONE                            additional CHAPTERs


CHAPTER 7-13 Julion enters a world of magic where she finally meets the goddess of magic.  It is now that her lessons begin and Juilion discovers she is much more than just a youth who came from turbulent past.  Her arrival to the Valley was prophesized and she will be the One who will stop the 'deaths'. Chapters 7-13


CHAPTER 14-20 Julion befriends Max and Vixbi and begins to suspect they are "wind chasers".  She later suspects that the tribe is fighting in some kind of battle hidden from the rest of the world and that the war is taking its toll on the tribe.  Chapters 14-19


CHAPTER 20-26 Juion admits the truth to Max, and tells him she knows he's a wind chaser.  And after Julion seems to heal Max from an attack that has his body blazing hot, Max admits he has an affliction that may take his life.  Shortly after Max's confession, Vixbi is forced to bring Julion into their secret lives to save Max who's dying from his affliction. Unfortunately, Julion's unsanctioned entry into the tribe's world is to the council, a violation worthy of banishment.  and Julion is exiled in the middle of an arctic winter, to the 'outlands.'Chapter 20-26